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Salvage Kubota for Sale

Salvage 2014 Kubota X1100 for sale
Lot # 39222560, Odometer: 4395 A
Prim Damage: Minor dent/scratches
Title: AB BS 
, Location: AB - CALGARY
$ 7,100 CAD
Closing: 07/07/2020 at 11.30 AM MDT
Salvage 2016 Kubota TRV X1100 for sale
Lot # 41988450, Odometer: 4895 A
Prim Damage: All over
Title: IA SN 
, Location: IA - DES MOINES
Closing: 07/10/2020 at 11.30 AM CDT
Salvage 2015 Kubota RTV X900 for sale
Lot # 34121228, Odometer: 0 N
Prim Damage: Front end
Title: TX SV 
, Location: TX - SAN ANTONIO
$ 10 USD
Future Sale
Salvage 2014 Kubota RTV for sale
Lot # 30347129, Odometer: 564 A
Prim Damage: All over
Title: TX SL 
, Location: TX - LUFKIN
Future Sale
Salvage 2013 Kubota RTV1140CPX for sale
Lot # 32285180, Odometer: 0 N
Prim Damage: Normal wear
Title: PA CT 
Future Sale
Salvage 2017 Kubota RTV 1100 for sale
Lot # 60261019, Odometer: 0 N
Prim Damage: Burn
Title: ON NU 
, Location: ON - TORONTO
Future Sale
Salvage 2018 Kubota RTV-XG850 for sale
Lot # 36050310, Odometer: 34 N
Prim Damage: Front end
Title: AR CT 
Future Sale