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Why Salvage Bikes are a Great Choice

Are you looking for an affordable, used motorcycle? Salvage bikes will save you money while you shop for the motorcycle you’ve always wanted to buy. A massive amount of damaged motorcycles for sale are added to our inventory weekly. Go through our entire catalog to find the motorcycle of your dreams. Then, take the bike to a mechanic so it can be as good as new.

With salvage bikes for sale, many of the vehicles are as reliable as any clean title used motorcycle. If the used bike seems to be in good shape, you won’t need to do much in order to perfectly ride it. Some of the motorcycles are the current models and features all the latest technology available.

At Salvage Bikes Auction, we grant you access to amazing used salvage motorcycles for sale. Even though not every bike is equal, many are easy to fix. Some motorcycles are in the catalog because the insurance companies ‘totaled’ them because they understood that it was too costly to repair them and it exceeded their original value.

If you want to save a lot of money while getting an amazing, reliable motorcycle, go for salvage bikes.

Why Salvage Auction?

One of the many perks of buying salvage bikes is finding a huge selection of bikes to choose from. At Salvage Bikes Auction, we make sure our customers have thousands of options to choose from every month. So many affordable motorcycles are in our directory, ready for you to 'Buy Now' or 'Bid' on them. We will put you in the front row on every live auction, giving you the best chance possible to acquire your dream bike.

Since we care about our customers, we want you to ride the best bike from the auction. We suggest our customers go visit the salvage motorcycle facility (i.e. yards) to check out their bikes before placing a bid or joining an auction. Once you know what you’re bidding on, you get more motivated to do so. We encourage our buyers to find out the condition of the vehicle prior to bidding.

Our motorcycle search page allows you to use different filters, including vehicle type, make, model, year, damage type, and much more. Manufacturers looking for irreparable bikes can still search for them from our website.

Once you choose a bike you wish to buy, we are able to make the connection between you and reliable vehicle inspectors and transportation services to help you out.

Bid On a Motorcycle in a Live Auction

It is very simple to bid on a motorcycle using our tools. All you need to do is create an account on Salvage Bikes Auction and pay a monthly or yearly registration fee and a security fee. We will give you a bidder number to use in motorcycle auctions. This bidder number will allow you to access auctions that are not available to the general public.

If you win the bid and pay for the motorcycle, provide us with the necessary paperwork, and we'll ensure your bike is ready to be picked up at the facility.

What you get from registering with us:

Access to thousands of affordable motorcycles
Access to many live auctions without the need of a dealer license
Assistance to find professional vehicle inspectors and transportation services for your motorcycle at no cost.