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Valoraciones Recientes:

Kent Timothy Scott
May 16, 2024
As always Inloher provide excellent service Been doing business for about 10 yrs now and I am very satisfied looking forward to continued business Thank you
Luis Davila Garcia
Feb 8, 2024
I have been buying cars/trucks with them for long time and always have no issues of any kind highly recommend if your looking to save a ton thanks for all of your help and service to all of us
Sophia Antoinette Smith
Jan 28, 2024
After winning my bid the process was very informative and quick. Rose was friendly and explained everything.
John Kevin Weismantel
Sep 27, 2023
Miguel Mariano Menchu Luarte
Aug 8, 2023
Second time customer here, very pleased with their service. A++. Will do business again. Thank you.
Ramiro Cruz
Jul 25, 2023
Great service. Thanks
Miguel Mariano Menchu Luarte
Jul 14, 2023
Great service!! Will shop again. Thank you.
Julio Aguilera
Jun 14, 2023
Hi. I haven't even seem the car I bought, I think is a little to early for this review but I have to say that I'm very satisfied with the help I got from Sara and Ross, great costumer services from this two lady's and I have to say thank you to them. Hope when I get my car will be able to do a better review from another point of view.
Luis Davila Garcia
Jun 7, 2023
HI there everytime I call for anything I get a fast response and the knowledge of how to handle my questions is very good will recommend thanks keep the good work thanks
Anisleydee Portela Mena
May 24, 2023
¡Es excelente! Sandra me ayuda mucho Súper tremenda persona estoy súper contento
William C Weatherwax
May 17, 2023
Great service, Thanks
Harjinder Singh
May 2, 2023
Its Excellent! Sandra helps me alot.
William C Weatherwax
Apr 26, 2023
Good service Thanks
Jose Antonio Lopez Gonzales
Mar 29, 2023
thank you !! fast and courtious service!!!
William C Weatherwax
Mar 29, 2023
Great service. Only had trouble i had is no email addresse for Lebanon Tn on Stumpy Ln yard.
Jose Antonio Lopez Gonzales
Mar 1, 2023
I have been doing transactions and buying through Salvage truck Auction for years, I am pleased with the service they provide!!
Daniel W Bruner
Feb 2, 2023
Very helpful and understanding to a new customer. Sandra (one of their agents) courteous, helpful, polite and ready to go the extra mile to ensure a good transaction. Very happy to have dealt with them.
Jeffery Bierman
Jan 31, 2023
The entire process went much better than I thought it would. I am pleased with the results and will consider them again when I am in need. Thanks
Dave Phillipson
Jan 10, 2023
Inloher was very helpful. Communication could improve. Copart's system at pickup could be GREATLY improved. I'll probably do business again.
Antonio Blackwell
Dec 16, 2022
The customer service at salvage auto auction is the best the people are friendly and are willing to help to the end.. Great is all I have to say...
Nov 8, 2018
I have used Inloher Corp to purchase multiple vehicles from Copart auctions. They have always been very helpful when I had questions, and I have always received the sale paperwork and title work within a couple of days of auction closure. Their brokerage fees and costs are clearly listed on their website, and the fees are right inline with all of the other available Copart Brokers. Just like all the other brokers, you will have to put up a deposit when you open an account, but it is refunded when you close the account. If you are going to purchase either salvage or non salvage titled vehicles from Copart, then you need to educate yourself on both your Brokers requirements and Coparts (including Copart’s fees). You also need to become familiar with the states restrictions for the state you are in and where the auctions takes place as the requirements are different from state to state. I have always had a pleasant experience dealing with them, and I will certainly use them againa in the future if the need arises.
Sep 19, 2018
Wondefull! As a first-timer Copart bidder, they made my purchase experience very easy. Their emailed instructions were incredibly clear and precise and they came through in a timely manner. Someone was always available to pick up the phone and answer my questions too. Will definitely use again! Thanks.
Aug 7, 2018
Go get bonded, go get dealers license, spend thousands on bonds and save your $250 fee.. My advise for all you complainers. 250 is a small price to pay to go around all the state requirements to buy directly from Copart. What’s wrong with letting the seller decide if they will accept your 300 dollar offer on a 2500 dollar car. Most people leaving bad reviews are just clueless about the process. If you know what you are doing, then you know that 250 fee is nothing compared to what you can get for that purchase. I am in California this is a great way to go around the system and 250 fee is very fair for what they do. 90% of ALL auctions will slap you with similar fees. I can tell most of these negative reviewers know nothing about the car game.
Jun 5, 2018
I had a great experience with salvage reseller and inloher corp. It was my first online vehicle purchase and my new/used truck was delivered to me within 4 days of purchase and buying it was simple. If you’re prepared to pay the necessary fees and do a little phone and email work to sort out shipping then you’re set to make buying a new/used vehicle at a great price happen! The service was consistently attentive and persistent that it was all going smoothly. All you have to do stay in contact with the numbers you’re emailed and it’s as easy as sitting home and waiting for delivery! No extra fees! No crazy waiting periods! Vehicles as listed! All defects and damage are listed and you can have the vehicle inspected before you purchase. There may be some storage effects like saturated oil or loss of fluid or mold on paint. Minor in most cases. Hire the broker, pay the deposit, make the purchase and get your deposit back in full! It’s been great doing business with them!
Dec 20, 2017
I recently bought a bike from these guys using them as a broker. They are not an auction, they are a broker, people who give you access to auctions. Using that information I was able to buy a nive bike and they did a good job as a broker service. I would definitely use them again, these people are great.
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