Inspector Contact Person Phone Email Language
DELTA MOTORS, INC Eugene (503) 510-1840 english, russian, spanish
DELTA MOTORS, INC Eugene (503) 510-1840 english, russian, spanish
DELUXE AUTO PARTS Greg Stanford (361) 688-6450 english
DEREITER INC. Askar Gabdullin (804) 357-5094 english, russian
DJW EQUIPMENT SALES, INC Devin Waterbury (530) 682-9921 english, russian, spanish
DOUBLE Z ENTERPRISES INC Zoran Zovko (732) 752-6000 croatian, english, serbian, spanish
DURHAM CARSTAR COLLISION Jeff Labanovich (905) 925-9390 english
ELITE WHOLESALERS CORP. Camilo Lopez (786) 252-8324 english, spanish
FINE MOTORS OF LONDON Moe Omar (519) 672-2277 arabic, english, spanish
GADDIS AUTO BODY **$35.00** Michael Gaddis (502) 599-8007 english
GENE AUTO SALES Red Or Pat Vigil (303) 594-4331 english, spanish
GENE LANDON Gene Landon (908) 704-9282 english
GLOBAL EXCHANGE Albert Lewis (702) 461-2292 english
GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE IMPORTS, INC. Robert Clark (256) 721-0049 english, spanish
GRIFFIN AUTO SALES Roosevelt Griffin (316) 640-0760 english
HAL HALLMAN Hal Hallman (704) 241-4743 english
HANCOCK & SON HOTRODS INC Woodrow Hancock (434) 432-0070 english
HARDYS AUTO Gene Hardy (315) 675-3812 english
HENRY WONG Henry Wong (626) 497-9347 arabic, chinese, english, korean, spanish, vietnamese
HJULEN, INC John Von Pischke -rolf Larsson (713) 939-0909 english, swedish
IDEAL BODY SHOP Larry Reinstein (419) 467-2501 english
IMPORTS UNLIMITED Michael Caro (203) 284-8989 english
INDEPENDENT TOWING Don Gregory (661) 366-5025 english
J & C AUTO SALES James Lewis (606) 528-0780 english
J M HIGDON INC Marty Bennett (702) 353-9946 english
JACKS AUTO PARTS INC Bill Fife (912) 657-9287 english
JAY MOTORS Fuad Hussain (901) 849-0362 english, urdu
JEFF RABY AUTO SALES Jeff Raby (408) 848-6658 english, spanish
JEFFREY NESBIT ENT. LLC Jeff Nebsit (951) 201-3609 english
JOHN BLEZIEN John Blezien (630) 595-1240 english
JOHN BRISBY John Brisby (770) 527-8392 english, spanish
JONATHAN KERNIS Jonathan Kernis (570) 233-2259 english
JOSH SUPERIOR MOTORS Josh (785) 249-4443 english
K M KUCERA SALES Craig Hoffman (702) 327-7898 english
KARSENSE Jimmy Brown (501) 514-1370 english
KELL MOTORS Pete Kell (215) 541-1541 english
KEVIN REGGERO AUTO SALE Kevin Reggero (845) 542-6641 english
KINGDOM CONNECTION AUTO Dennis Fitzgerald (772) 626-4109 english, spanish
KMK'S AUTO SALES Keith Kuehnhold (214) 914-1415 english
LAND`S AUTO & PARTS SALES INC. Hoyt Land (423) 836-0507 english
LAURELDALE AUTO SALES Charles Smith (484) 844-5875 english, german
LAYCOCK AUTO RESEARCH & DVLPMT Jim Laycock (508) 230-4776 english
LEGACY AUTO CENTRE INC Ali Or Frank (510) 261-4900 english
LEO STICINSKI LEO STICINSKI (302) 469-7000 english
LG HOT WHEELS Gary Morgan (417) 886-4811 english
LIBERTY TRUCK SALES Freddy Wells (918) 625-9779 english
LONDON AUTO SALES Randy Burgin (561) 308-5932 Ext: 000 english
LYNWOOD AUTO SALES Salvador Saladrigas (909) 518-2204 arabic, english, spanish
MANGOLD MOTORS Peter Mangold (585) 729-1627 english
MARCOS MONTI Marcos Monti (318) 347-7290 english, spanish

Salvage Inspection

Get in touch with a salvage inspection agency located in your town before you proceed to place an offer on motorcycles on sale. This page helps you find an appropriate inspector by providing everything needed to get in touch. Below is a selection of inspection services, listed by name, phone number, email and languages spoken. After you've had your motorcycles salvage of choice inspected, if you're still wanting to move forward by making an offer, you can visit the Registration page to start your subscription today.

Vehicle inspectors: If you would like to add or update your listing on this page, click the "Add/Update Listing" link to download the Inspector Form. Please fax the finished form to the number that is listed on the .pdf file.